What I Ate in a Day #5

I was very naughty last week and barely cooked at all, choosing to eat out or order in instead. As much as I enjoy a Dominos pizza, I was ready to get myself back in the kitchen. The trouble with me is that I’m really really lazy. Once I’ve been to work all day and then done any household chores that await me when I get home, the prospect of making dinner makes me want to set my kitchen on fire. I love to cook, but I also love to just chill out in my pjs stroking my cat (note, this is not a euphemism) whilst I wait for a takeaway to arrive. This is why, every Sunday, I do a load of food prep and make some breakfasts and lunches for the week ahead so that I can have a fairly balanced diet for at least part of the day, not including any panic trips to the shop to buy chocolate. Mondays, therefore, are normally pretty good for me as I’ve planned everything the day before. So this is what I ate on a Monday spent at work.

Before I left in the morning I had a glass of orange juice. Just a bog-standard orange juice from a carton, regrettably I didn’t pick and squeeze the oranges myself, though I wish I could.


I usually take my breakfast to work with me as I find it hard to stomach anything solid first thing in the morning. Today I had some raspberry and apple compote topped with coconut yogurt and almond and sultana granola. You can find my granola recipe here.


I spent most of the day thinking about my lunch, it took all my strength not to eat it as soon as I got to work. I made a cheddar, chorizo and jalapeño quesadilla with some smashed avocado and a few baby plum tomatoes. It was awesome. To make the quesadilla you simply grate some cheddar cheese on one half of a tortilla wrap, top that with a few slices of chorizo and some jalapeños from a jar, a little more cheese then fold over the other side of the wrap. Cook for a couple of minutes on each side in a dry frying pan then cut into wedges. You can eat it straight away or do as I did and resist until the next day. Forgive the avocado and tomato mash up, I had them in the same pot to transport.


I also had this huge, rather phallic looking pear at lunchtime.


I can’t get through an afternoon without a snack so I had a hot cross bun spread with butter to get me through. I’m like a bird, I have to eat every few hours or I get weak. And grumpy.


Woohoo, dinner time. Tyler had the jacket potatoes cooking already when I got home as I was working late so I just had to cook some steaks and throw a bit of salad on a plate. I was hungry so don’t judge me on my presentation skills here please. We had ribeye steak, medium-rare, jacket potatoes, and some mixed leaves and cherry tomatoes in a mustard dressing, made with dijon mustard, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. I could eat steak everyday, I’m such a bloke. And you can see how huge my steak was in comparison to my jacket potato!


If you’ve never had these Rolo dessert pots then your life is not worth living. What a nice treat to end my day on.


I spent the rest of my evening doing boring adult stuff like sorting out paperwork. I hate adulting.

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