What I Ate in a Day #6

I’m feeling a bit grumpy. We’ve got an issue with our boiler resulting in no heating or hot water. ‘Tis like living in Dickensian Britain and as such I am feeling very sorry for myself. Washing in a sink with just a kettle full of hot water is really not the one. Food, glorious food is the only thing that’s kept my spirits up during this cold and miserable time. However, I’ve been needing to get back on the healthy stuff and used a typical work day to get some goodness into me. My office was, for once, blissfully cosy. To be honest I did overtime just to stay warm.

Despite the chilly temperatures in my kitchen, I whipped up a frosty smoothie to take to work with me to start my day right. This one had a pear, a big chunk of cucumber, some frozen spinach and a little apple juice plus a splash of water. It’s a lovely, refreshing combination, probably more suitable for the summer months, but an easy way to inject a little green goodness.


Breakfast number two was a few diced strawberries, coconut yogurt and some homemade almond and sultana granola. I make this granola so much, you can see my recipe here. I can’t wait for summer when strawberries actually taste like strawberries. I usually avoid buying them out of season but my local shop was a little low on fruit options this week and I couldn’t be bothered to venture further afield.


Now my lunch doesn’t look that appetising, I’ll give you that. But it was in fact very tasty. It’s the chicken teriyaki recipe from Joe Wicks’ ‘Lean in 15 Book’ which has been so popular since it’s release last year. It’s a great book actually, full of really speedy recipes that focus on healthy ingredients. Joe is known as The Body Coach on social media and the like, check him out if you are into fitness and nutrition. Then probably skip the rest of my post as it goes downhill from here.

The chicken teriyaki contained chicken (obvs), noodles, pak choi, spring onions, spinach and lots of yummy Chinese style seasonings.


More al desko snacking with some pineapple in the afternoon.


Barely an hour later and I need another snack. I tend to avoid cereal bars and the like as they tend to be full of sugar but pointlessly so. I mean, I have no issue with eating sugar when it’s disguised as chocolate and it gives me great pleasure, but just to fill a hole I prefer to have something a bit more nutritious. Anyhow, I had this in my bag for a ‘just in case’ moment, and this was just that. Honestly, I’m always hungry. It was quite nice too actually.


And here’s where it all went terribly wrong. Please see below for reason number one of why I’m fat. I just love pizza. This wasn’t planned. Tyler was meant to make dinner but finished work late and we had nothing to make at short notice so ended up buying a couple of pizzas to chuck in the oven. I had a pulled pork pizza by Chicago Town and ate all but a slice. I’m such a pig.


Just to finish my day off, I had one of these super cute little Kinder chocolates. They are new (I think) and have the trademark creamy white filling that Kinder are known for. I’m kidding. I had five, not one.


This is such a typical day for me. I start out with my fancy little smoothie and homemade granola and end the day in a tracksuit covered in pizza crumbs. I deserve it, I had to wash my hair with a jug of lukewarm water.

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