A Little Kitchen Haul

I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to buying things for my kitchen. It’s becoming quite an issue as I’m rapidly running out of space in my cupboards and my purchases are starting to spill into other areas of my house. I don’t mean to, it just happens. I will be casually wandering around the shopping centre and oooopps…what just fell into my basket? I don’t need 90% of the things I buy but I somehow always manage to find a use for them so I convince myself that it’s OK. I will invent recipes just because they will look good served in a new bowl or plate that I’ve recently procured. I just like having nice things and, I will admit, I’m a bit of a show off, so if I have someone over for dinner I like to be able to talk to them about the lovely new cutlery they are using, for example.

Over the last few weeks I have bought a lot of new things for my kitchen. Some of them have been quite necessary. I needed a new roasting dish as mine is a little on the small side so I grabbed a new one whilst out food shopping. Likewise, my baking sheets were developing a film of stubborn grease that I just couldn’t live with anymore so I got a new bargain one in M&S. I’ve also been needing (or should that be wanting?) a white rectangular platter for ages and I finally saw one that was cheap but looks good. I found a good sized, heavy plain white rectangular platter in Morrison’s for just £4 so naturally I had to have that.

And really that’s where the necessity ends. If you can call the above necessities. I consider them so. The rest of my purchases have just been plain old impulse purchases because I have an issue with buying stuff that I don’t need but can’t resist.

Let’s start with these gorgeous bowls from Anthropologie. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, I will fill you in. It’s an over-priced, ridiculously showy, Instagram worthy dream of a place, and I love it. They have some really quirky bits for the home as well as clothing, jewellery and stationery. I could spend an absolute fortune in there and plan to, one day. For now, I have these bowls. They were £10 each, so like I said, over-priced, but they’re so pretty and girly. I have one of each colour, so white, pink and green, each with a gold rim.

20160309_125034.jpg Swoon.

20160309_124950 (1).jpg

I’m loving the marble trend at the moment and M&S have launched a line of crockery called ‘Nordic Smoke’ which is absolutely gorgeous. I admit I wanted it all, but restrained myself and just bought two of the side plates. They’re almost completely flat so make a great cake plate. See how I’m trying to convince myself that they have a use? They are lovely though, if nothing else I can use them as decorative items.


Pointless but non negotiable purchase number three comes in the form of these milk bottles. I got a box of 6 for £12 which I thought was pretty good. I picked these up from a National Trust gift shop, but you can get similar ones on Amazon and elsewhere on the web. Cue milkshake recipes.


The last thing to show you today is this super cute trinket tray. I absolutely adore it. It’s from Jolie Papier at Bluewater, which I believe is part of the Clinton’s group, and is a white china dish with metallic gold writing. They have a few different slogans, it took me ages to decide on one but thought this was a lovely positive message to see everyday. I do believe I am fast becoming one of those knobs that drink green smoothies and have quotes all around their house. Don’t hate me. I’ve not quite found a solid use for this yet, at the moment it holds a hair band so that I always have one handy to tie my hair up with when I start cooking. Seems a good enough reason to have it, don’t you think? I mean, no-one wants a hair in their dinner.


I don’t plan on showing you every single new item I buy for my kitchen (I would be blogging almost daily) but I really love the items above and thought it would be fun to share them with you to give some inspiration for things you might like if you’re in the market for unnecessary kitchen-ware. I’m off to invent milkshake recipes so I can use those bottles.

5 thoughts on “A Little Kitchen Haul

  1. Those purchases are just gorgeous! I admit, I’m addicting to getting things for the kitchen as well. I’m really fortunate in that a neighbour gave me a whole bunch of beautiful, colourful plates and the like recently and that has stopped me going out hunting. But I am a sucker for bargains. Luckily for me I can’t go to the new IKEA store all that often! XD


  2. Omg what have you done?!! I’m in love with nearly everything I’ve just viewed one the Anthopologie site…. Your purchases are lovely and I am exactly the same with buying too many kitchen items! I have an addiction for changing my tea coffee and sugar pots a lot, my other half is never impressed! X


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