9 thoughts on “Jamie’s Food Revolution 2016

  1. A lot is the fault of advertising and marketing. Kids do choose what they want to eat and even the very young will choose a yoghurt in fancy packaging aimed at children over an apple. My grandson persuaded me, against my better judgement, to buy him some yoghurt in the shape of a lollie, can’t remember the name but I was shocked at how much “yoghurt” which was actually on a stick was in the package for the price.


    1. I agree to an extent, I hate all those cartoon characters etc splashed on packaging to make it appeal to kids, but at the same time its still a parent’s responsibility to choose what goes into the shopping trolley, tantrum or no tantrum. I’m well aware that I may easily change my mind once I have screaming children of my own!

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      1. hehe, I think you probably will, children know exactly which buttons to press and the marketeers know it. Have you noticed how those particular yoghurts are placed at young children’s eye level.


  2. Hi there! Your website looks great! I really feel this is SUCH an important topic to address, it’s really becoming an increasing concern in America. Thanks for posting! 🙂


    1. Hello and thank you for stopping by, it’s lovely to hear your feedback. I also love your blog and have just cornered my partner about taking 15 minutes a day to tidy. He’s not happy but I will work on him haha


      1. I’m glad you are trying! Yes, it takes time and patience, but you would be surprised how many small things like dusting a coffee table or event putting your Keirug Coffee maker parts into the dishwasher takes 1-2 minutes! I never realized it until I started timing myself. I hope these tips help! Let me know what tasks you were able to complete in 15 minutes/I would love to hear if this idea is working for you!


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