My Cancer Story

Some of you may know that I was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year. I spoke about it a lot on my personal social media but have never really gone into detail on the blog. I have, however, written a post on another site and would love to share it with you. Here’s a snippet of the article, if you want to read more you can click here and while you’re there check out the other fantastic articles from women, championing women.

Get yourself a cuppa and some biscuits and laugh and cry about cancer.

On June 6th 2017 the world fell out of my arsehole.

Well, that’s what it felt like when I was told I had stage 2B cervical cancer. It wasn’t a shock really. I knew it was coming. Despite my GP’s best efforts to convince me I was just having a really heavy 6-month long period, I knew it was something bad.

So there I was, at the grand old age of 29 being told I had a tumor bigger than a golf ball growing inside my vagina. A golf ball. In my vagina. Shudder.

Read on at

Tania x

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