My Weekend Food Diary

Tyler and I took a trip down to Eastbourne last weekend for the annual nerd fest that is the air show. As much as I’m terrified of flying, I love planes and get fan girl excited over the Red Arrows. As we stayed over for the night I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share a food diary with you. It didn’t quite go to plan as I was really unwell on Sunday and ended up eating nothing all day so my weekend food diary ends on Saturday night!

Friday 9pm – Dinner at Zizzi’s

Starter: Arancini with tomato sauce

IMG_2120 2.jpg

Main: Chicken and vegetable skewer with potatoes, slaw and a lemon and parmesan sauce

IMG_2121 2.jpg

Dessert: Mango and coconut sundae

IMG_2122 3.jpg

Saturday 11am – Breakfast at Wetherspoons

Vegetarian breakfast

IMG_2124 3.jpg

Enjoying the lovely weather and planes!


Saturday 3pm

Tango Ice Blast, mixed cherry and raspberry. So refreshing in the heat!

IMG_2128 2.jpg

Saturday 3.30pm – Lunch from a Thai street food stall

Tempura prawns with sweet chilli dipping sauce


Saturday 9pm – Dinner at home

Crispy chilli beef, plain chow mein, chips and curry sauce from the Chinese takeaway. Too exhausted to cook!


I’ll try and get a full weekend of food in next time I try this! Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend too!


What I Ate In A Day #12

I went to an amazing wedding on Saturday, probably the best wedding I’ve ever been to even though the lovely couple already got married officially abroad last month. The weather was gorgeous and set off the beautiful venue perfectly. Of course my main concern was the food. I’m pleased to say that it was absolutely delicious, all Indian in style and really tasty. I ate a lot and drank a lot of Pimms. Like, a lot. Naturally, I was feeling a little worse for wear the following day so dragged myself to my local Wetherspoons for breakfast. I went for the vegetarian option as I like the sausages better than ‘real’ ones and washed it all down with an ice cold apple juice which worked wonders for the hangover.


Watermelon is also a pretty amazing hangover cure so I munched on some of that as an afternoon snack, followed by some cherries.


It was another hot day on Sunday so we wanted a simple, light dinner that didn’t involve the oven as we just aren’t coping with the extra heat that generates into our kitchen. Lazy admission – we bought a ready cooked chicken and had that with new potatoes dressed in butter and lemon and thyme sea salt, mixed salad with Caesar dressing and a little bit of Blackstick’s Blue cheese. This cheese is amazing, a little goes a long way as it’s pretty powerful stuff but the taste is unlike any other cheese.


After dinner I had a watermelon slushy made by whizzing some frozen watermelon chunks with a little sugar syrup and a splash of water.


And then, my favourite part of any Sunday. Putting my comfy clothes on, tying my hair up and relaxing on the sofa with a naughty snack. Tyler and I shared this Cadbury Dairy Milk with Daim bar. No really, I honestly did share.


I love a selfie me.

What I Ate In A Day #11

Otherwise known as what I ate in a day whilst feeling sorry for myself because I have a cold. It really is only a cold, a cough here, a sneeze there, one of those annoying little niggles of an illness where you’re not too sick to be off work but really want to do nothing more than watch trashy tv and eat cake. No room for self pity here though, I had a full day at work followed by a two course dinner when I got home all made from scratch. One could argue that I’m mad, but I’ve had this most evil craving for bread and butter pudding and it simply had to be fulfilled so that was had for pudding.

Anyway, I should probably start with breakfast. I’m almost bored of saying it now such is the regularity of it, but I started my day with granola, yogurt, coconut flakes and fresh fruit. I then had a banana shortly after.


Lunch was one of my favourites. There’s a sandwich place near me called Francombs who do really lovely pasta salads made to order. This is my take on their New Yorker boxed salad. It contains a base of pasta and Romaine lettuce then has pastrami, stilton, cucumber, gherkins, jalapeños, crushed tortilla chips and a dressing made with extra virgin olive oil, wholegrain mustard, balsamic vinegar, maple syrup and salt. It involves a bit of prep work but I make enough for a few days, leave the prepared ingredients sitting in individual boxes in the fridge then toss them together with the dressing the night before and take the tortilla chips separately to add just before eating. It’s really good.


I had a homemade peanut butter brownie with my lunch. Recipe coming soon!


To tide me over until dinner I snacked on a satsuma and a fake Penguin biscuit from Sainsbury’s. These are hilariously called Polar bars but don’t have the terrible jokes you find on a proper Penguin. Sort it out Sainsbury’s! I did eat a nectarine too but I forgot to take a picture.


Dinner was one of my favourite things to eat at the moment, my king prawn linguine. The recipe can be found here. The two slices of garlic bread on the side were there for aesthetic value. I actually ate 4 slices. I get really hungry when I’m ill.


And now, what I’ve been waiting for all day. Nay, all week. Bread and Butter Pudding with double cream. *insert excited squealing here*


I’ll tease you with this for now and treat you to the recipe soon! One thing’s for sure, I’m totally having some of this for breakfast tomorrow.

What I Ate in a Day #6

I’m feeling a bit grumpy. We’ve got an issue with our boiler resulting in no heating or hot water. ‘Tis like living in Dickensian Britain and as such I am feeling very sorry for myself. Washing in a sink with just a kettle full of hot water is really not the one. Food, glorious food is the only thing that’s kept my spirits up during this cold and miserable time. However, I’ve been needing to get back on the healthy stuff and used a typical work day to get some goodness into me. My office was, for once, blissfully cosy. To be honest I did overtime just to stay warm.

Despite the chilly temperatures in my kitchen, I whipped up a frosty smoothie to take to work with me to start my day right. This one had a pear, a big chunk of cucumber, some frozen spinach and a little apple juice plus a splash of water. It’s a lovely, refreshing combination, probably more suitable for the summer months, but an easy way to inject a little green goodness.


Breakfast number two was a few diced strawberries, coconut yogurt and some homemade almond and sultana granola. I make this granola so much, you can see my recipe here. I can’t wait for summer when strawberries actually taste like strawberries. I usually avoid buying them out of season but my local shop was a little low on fruit options this week and I couldn’t be bothered to venture further afield.


Now my lunch doesn’t look that appetising, I’ll give you that. But it was in fact very tasty. It’s the chicken teriyaki recipe from Joe Wicks’ ‘Lean in 15 Book’ which has been so popular since it’s release last year. It’s a great book actually, full of really speedy recipes that focus on healthy ingredients. Joe is known as The Body Coach on social media and the like, check him out if you are into fitness and nutrition. Then probably skip the rest of my post as it goes downhill from here.

The chicken teriyaki contained chicken (obvs), noodles, pak choi, spring onions, spinach and lots of yummy Chinese style seasonings.


More al desko snacking with some pineapple in the afternoon.


Barely an hour later and I need another snack. I tend to avoid cereal bars and the like as they tend to be full of sugar but pointlessly so. I mean, I have no issue with eating sugar when it’s disguised as chocolate and it gives me great pleasure, but just to fill a hole I prefer to have something a bit more nutritious. Anyhow, I had this in my bag for a ‘just in case’ moment, and this was just that. Honestly, I’m always hungry. It was quite nice too actually.


And here’s where it all went terribly wrong. Please see below for reason number one of why I’m fat. I just love pizza. This wasn’t planned. Tyler was meant to make dinner but finished work late and we had nothing to make at short notice so ended up buying a couple of pizzas to chuck in the oven. I had a pulled pork pizza by Chicago Town and ate all but a slice. I’m such a pig.


Just to finish my day off, I had one of these super cute little Kinder chocolates. They are new (I think) and have the trademark creamy white filling that Kinder are known for. I’m kidding. I had five, not one.


This is such a typical day for me. I start out with my fancy little smoothie and homemade granola and end the day in a tracksuit covered in pizza crumbs. I deserve it, I had to wash my hair with a jug of lukewarm water.

What I Ate in a Day #5

I was very naughty last week and barely cooked at all, choosing to eat out or order in instead. As much as I enjoy a Dominos pizza, I was ready to get myself back in the kitchen. The trouble with me is that I’m really really lazy. Once I’ve been to work all day and then done any household chores that await me when I get home, the prospect of making dinner makes me want to set my kitchen on fire. I love to cook, but I also love to just chill out in my pjs stroking my cat (note, this is not a euphemism) whilst I wait for a takeaway to arrive. This is why, every Sunday, I do a load of food prep and make some breakfasts and lunches for the week ahead so that I can have a fairly balanced diet for at least part of the day, not including any panic trips to the shop to buy chocolate. Mondays, therefore, are normally pretty good for me as I’ve planned everything the day before. So this is what I ate on a Monday spent at work.

Before I left in the morning I had a glass of orange juice. Just a bog-standard orange juice from a carton, regrettably I didn’t pick and squeeze the oranges myself, though I wish I could.


I usually take my breakfast to work with me as I find it hard to stomach anything solid first thing in the morning. Today I had some raspberry and apple compote topped with coconut yogurt and almond and sultana granola. You can find my granola recipe here.


I spent most of the day thinking about my lunch, it took all my strength not to eat it as soon as I got to work. I made a cheddar, chorizo and jalapeño quesadilla with some smashed avocado and a few baby plum tomatoes. It was awesome. To make the quesadilla you simply grate some cheddar cheese on one half of a tortilla wrap, top that with a few slices of chorizo and some jalapeños from a jar, a little more cheese then fold over the other side of the wrap. Cook for a couple of minutes on each side in a dry frying pan then cut into wedges. You can eat it straight away or do as I did and resist until the next day. Forgive the avocado and tomato mash up, I had them in the same pot to transport.


I also had this huge, rather phallic looking pear at lunchtime.


I can’t get through an afternoon without a snack so I had a hot cross bun spread with butter to get me through. I’m like a bird, I have to eat every few hours or I get weak. And grumpy.


Woohoo, dinner time. Tyler had the jacket potatoes cooking already when I got home as I was working late so I just had to cook some steaks and throw a bit of salad on a plate. I was hungry so don’t judge me on my presentation skills here please. We had ribeye steak, medium-rare, jacket potatoes, and some mixed leaves and cherry tomatoes in a mustard dressing, made with dijon mustard, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. I could eat steak everyday, I’m such a bloke. And you can see how huge my steak was in comparison to my jacket potato!


If you’ve never had these Rolo dessert pots then your life is not worth living. What a nice treat to end my day on.


I spent the rest of my evening doing boring adult stuff like sorting out paperwork. I hate adulting.

What I Ate in a Day #4

I really dislike early mornings and hate when I have to be in work for 8am. To me it feels like mild torture. Hence why I couldn’t be bothered to make lunch today, and offers an explanation into my carb fest.

I had breakfast al-desko when I got to work, which consisted of 2 Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion vegetarian sausages in a wholemeal roll with butter and brown sauce. I used to eat this meal all the time when I was on Slimming World and instantly remembered why I stopped eating it upon the first mouthful today. It was so dry and boring, but filled a hole. Note that I am by no means a vegetarian but I used to like these sausages as they were free on the Slimming World plan and thought I would give them another go. You live and learn.


Not much time passes before I’m hungry again so I tuck into a banana. I swear this banana was pure yellow when I took it from the fruit bowl this morning, it seems to have aged drastically during transportation.


I treated myself to a bought lunch today from a sandwich shop local to my workplace called Francombs. I have linked their website here, check them out if you’re local as they do amazing salads. This New Yorker one has a base of mixed leaves and pasta with pastrami, stilton, gherkins, cucumber, jalapeños, tortilla chips and mustard sauce. It was very nice washed down with a Diet Coke and set me up for an afternoon of Newsletter writing.


Later in the afternoon and surprise surprise, I’m hungry again so I make short work of some cinnamon swirl popcorn and make a mess all over my keyboard. Not gonna lie, my desk is never short of a crumb or two.


Oh look, more food. Seriously, I am really hungry today. Once home from work I make a start on dinner but can’t wait that long so have 3 of these raw truffles as a snack. They are from Deliciously Ella Every Day and are really tasty, plus the amount of dates packed into them means that 2-3 balls counts as one of your 5-a-day! I love dates, I could eat them everyday in some form or another, they’re like the fudgiest, richest tasting toffees, kids would never know they were natural if you didn’t tell them.


Finally, dinner time! I made the Warming Winter Bowls from Deliciously Ella Every Day. It was a little disappointing as the cinnamon really overpowered the other flavours but I still ate it. I forgot to cook some rice so had it with a buttered wholemeal roll instead. For someone who does’t really like bread (unless it’s the crusty white variety) I’ve not done a bad job today.


There’s still more. I promise it’s nearly over. My all time favourite snack of strawberries and warm Nutella. Heaven. I heat the Nutella in the microwave for no more than 20 seconds and then scoop it up with some juicy strawberries. This is so good and one of those things that I go mad for every now and again and will eat daily then forget about again for a while, which is a good job for my teeth and waistline!


And finally I am done eating. Despite a terrible craving for a McDonalds I’m going to bed to dream about what I can have for breakfast tomorrow.







What I Ate in a Day #3

Not gonna lie, I ate a whole Domino’s pizza last night. BBQ sauce, with pepperoni, bacon, onions, peppers and mushrooms on one side and ham, pineapple and sweetcorn on the other. Plus some chicken strippers. Probably still one of my 5 a day though right?

So today I should really be good. I’m not a fan of the phrase ‘being good’, not when it comes to food anyway as I don’t like to class any food as bad. But you know what I mean, Dominos Pizza one day, salad the next. Balance and all that jazz. Let’s see how that goes.

I don’t always start my day with a coffee, but when I do I like to make as much mess as possible and use an unnecessary (but super cute) stencil and get chocolate sprinkles everywhere, including the cat’s face. She really should learn to keep out of my way. This morning, a smiley face because I’m happy.


I drank my coffee whilst checking emails and what not then had breakfast. Not a great start to the ‘being good’ mantra, a hot cross bun. As soon as Christmas is over it’s obviously Easter and my local shop is fully stocked with Cadbury’s Creme Eggs (yuck) and hot cross buns (yum) so you can’t blame me for a packet accidentally falling into my basket. I split it, toasted it, then glued it back together with loads of butter, enough so that it all dripped over my plate as a bit into it. Don’t worry, I mopped it back up. Waste not want not my mum would say.


After breakfast I did some housework and pottered around a bit then had lunch. It’s really only been an hour and a half since breakfast but I got up late and need to fit in as much food as I can. Lunch was leftovers from the day before so was ready to shovel into my face within a couple of minutes. I had brown rice which had been cooked with garlic and tomato puree, some butter beans with pesto, spinach and pomegranate and some caramelised onion hummus, sprinkled with a tiny bit of feta cheese. Very nice it was too.


I spent my afternoon going for a brisk walk and menu planning for the week ahead. I nibbled on a handful of maple cinnamon pecans whilst looking through a few cookbooks.


Then I had a nap. The nap was accidental really. I went to check where my cat was, found her asleep on my bed, stroked her then accidentally tripped and fell under the covers. Anyway, I woke up an hour and a half later absolutely starving. We had planned to make something from Jamie Oliver’s Everyday Super Food for dinner so I held out on a snack and got on with making dinner instead. We had the Bombay Chicken and Cauliflower with rice, spinach and poppadums. It was amazing! The recipe is on his website so I have linked it here. I would really recommend it. It was quick and easy to make, full of flavour as well as goodness and was also something a bit different. The poppadums that you cook from home in the microwave were delicious and low calorie too.



Later in the evening we went to the cinema to watch The Revenant. I’m not going to turn this into a film review but will summarise my thoughts here:

  1. Like most films that are made to receive Oscar nominations, it was too long and could have been condensed into half the time.
  2. Leo Di Cap (always call him that) put in a great performance as always but his hair was always all over his face and I really wanted to reach into the screen and put it into a man bun for him. I think he would look hot this way too.
  3. It made me feel cold.
  4. Tom Hardy had a bald patch and his beard constantly had bits of food and what not in it, so he wasn’t his usual hot self.
  5. The cinematography was very good.
  6. I was convinced the bear was going to rape Leo.
  7. Leo’s look right into the camera at the end had nothing to do with the film. It was him staring right into the eye’s of the Oscar Committee and silently screaming ‘was this enough for you? huh? Is this what you wanted?!?’ Just give it to him already.

Back to food, I had a diet coke and £8.00 worth of pic ‘n’ mix, which I sort of shared. Sour cherries are my favourite. I do have some decorum so decided not to take a picture in the cinema, you will have to use your imagination to envisage what £8.00 worth of pic ‘n’ mix looks like. I will give you a clue, it’s about 4 sweets because cinemas are under the impression that sweets are the price equivalent of gold.

A fairly balanced day I think. Not the best, but I did resist a sausage roll that Tyler bought for me. Small victory, I’ll take that.